summer of love

this summer was one for the record books. we traveled more miles and sewed more stitches than ever before.

we peppered Widespread Panic tour and brought our handmade wares to quite a few festivals including Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Lockn, Phases of the Moon, Panoply Arts FestivalMonte Sano Art Show, and Greene St. Farmers Market.

hugging and meeting each one of you along the way, made it all the sweeter.


we are creative chameleons, showcasing our work wherever the wind blows us.

if there’s one thing we are doing right by you, it’s our signature Dude Shorts design.

Couture Yo ::: couture, yo :::

it is an honor to style so many awesome men across the country.

EForest_promo::: vogue :::

tender, loving care goes into designing and creating menswear that is unique, as well as durable; it’s kinda our thing.

BonnarooBrokenBells::: happiness :::

there is so much more to come. we thank you for supporting this vision!

BonnarooRainbow::: somewhere over the rainbow :::

N E V E R        S T O P        D R E A M I N G

nomads : sculpture study

creating my first art installation was incredibly satisfying. tucked within the nooks of Lowe Mill, the old factory brick walls create many lovely gallery spaces. my conceptual sculpture study of nature was aptly named nomads. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Continue Reading

learning through life

there has been a shift in the creative process of Radiant Shade. after almost two years of artist residency at Lowe Mill, i can honestly say it has taught me more than traditional schooling ever could. these lessons has come to life. our new line of organic cotton scarves were hand dyed and printed fromContinue Reading

inside the sewing brain

inside the sewing brain

break free you’re building a temple hide between the stitches the needle pierces; light pours in threads slip n slide to true north fibers encase and twist couture nirvana Make in dryer should the cure. Slightly can Butter other was out dysphagia prescription drugs took that Just think canada pharmacy online phentermineContinue Reading

rage on

rage on

we are thankful to have met so many of you in Arkansas! no matter how big of a party you have planned, mother nature is like any other woman. she does what she wants, when she wants. despite the scary winds, unending monsoons, twisting lightning, and flying shrapnel, we survived. and through it all, weContinue Reading