portrait 2014

Sometimes you pick a muse, sometimes she picks you.

Ours is a mother, a grower, a girl on the loose. Languid and feisty, bravery unmatched, she moves fast on the horizon, right there out of reach.

Wild and invasive, untamed outrageous, Nature is her name.

We stake claim as Brenna and Miguel, fire and a fox, and this, dear friends, is Radiant Shade.


On our adventures and conquests, we find spices, teas, old maps. We see the light and the darkness, the balance between. We communicate these paths, these intentions, with our hands, honoring the sacred muse whose shadow lays licking at the bow of our tiny and mighty pirate ship.


Radiant Shade is Integrity. Our work is original, the development of experimentation and process. We fear no mistake and try anything twice.


Radiant Shade is Dynamic. Soft and sweet or big and bold, we envelop the philosophy of The South. Tradition. Growth. Investing in our community and ourselves. Heirloom seed preservation and gardening with our friends. From handmade to high fashion, ready made to intricate custom, our visions are limitless. Music. Yoga. Tours. Brews. We keep our palette fresh, holding steadfast to what works and serves.


Radiant Shade is the embodiment of the You you like best. Fellow pirate. A princess. Bare feet and a grin. When your soul is at ease and expressed properly, defiantly, somehow life just seems to click.


We’re not saying our gear has magical powers, but our gear has magical powers.

The catalyst is YOU.